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Circular Clarifiers: Tapered Suction Header Type Clarifier

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Suction Header ClariferRapid Sludge Removal - Tapered Header Type Clarifier Mechanisms

Suction header type mechanisms enable sludge to be "vacuumed" off the tank floor over the full length of each header.  Tapered Suction Type Clarifier Mechanisms, Type SCTP or RSMTP provide rapid sludge removal with a low profile header that is sized to provide a relatively constant velocity along the length of the header and with orfices space and sized to provide a flowrate proportional to the tank floor area served.
These rapid sludge removal type mechanism are provided in either a bridge or pier supported configuration and with either one or two suction headers per mechanism.  The sludge that is collected then moves inside the header to the center manifold and exits to the sludge withdrawal system. Suction is produced directly from the sludge pumps connected to the sludge line that connects with the sludge manifold centrally located at the tank bottom.
Tapered Suction Header Type Mechanisms are typically used in secondary clarifier applications.

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