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Circular Clarifiers: Suction Pipe Clarifier

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Suction PipeType SW and SWP Series (SightWell Collectors)

The Walker Process SightWell collector is designed to provide quick and uniform withdrawal of return and waste activated sludge from final settling tanks before the sludge becomes anaerobically degraded. Because modern plant designs incorporate high solids loadings in mixed liquor, rapid removal of oxygen-rich sludge is most important to ensure proper operation of the activated sludge process.

The design of the SightWell collector incorporates the same basic components of either a bridge-supported or pier-supported collector. To the basic collector mechanism is added Sightwell sludge return features consisting of V-plow scraping assemblies, suction lines, adjustable slip tubes, a sight box with a seal, and a return sludge pipe concentric to the tank center. A skimming package is available for all Sightwell collectors.

Suction HeaderSuction piping layout and design is an important feature in providing the kind of return sludge ability needed in modern process operations. All Walker Process SightWell collectors have suction lines designed specifically for anticipated return sludge rates.

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