Gravity Thickeners

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ThickenerType RS Pier Supported Thickeners, 30 feet and greater

The RS Thickener mechanism consists of two fabricated steel arms supported from a central rotating drive cage. The cage is suspended from an enclosed spur gear drive turntable unit which, in turn, is supported on the center pier. The driving unit consists of a special primary double reduction worm gear unit driven through a steel roller chain connectd to a gear motor with all-weather construction.

The mechanism is supported from a center pier which may be of steel or concrete and the unit may be used in either steel or concrete tanks. Flow is generally introduced through a pipe brought up underneath the tank and up through the hollow center pier, but it may be brought over the top of the tank through a flume or through suspended from a bridge. Overflow from the tank is collected by a peripheral trough or an inboard trough, each furnished with adjustable serrated weir plates.

Type C and CP Bridge Supported Thickeners, 10 feet through 50 feet diameter

The C and CP Bridge-Supported Thickener is provided with a bridge which spans the tank diameter and carries the entire weight of the Thickener mechanism and the feed well. Flow is brought into the Thickener through a pipe which may be either suspended from the bridge or brought through the side of the tank. Overflow from the tank is collected in a peripheral weir trough or inboard troughs, each provided with adjustable serrated weir plates. Thickened sludge or slurry is withdrawn from the centrally located bottom hopper.

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