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Grit Removal: Rolling Grit

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Rolling Grit Equipment from Walker Process provides a total system for grit removal and dewatering. Efficient grit removal is a necessity to provide protection from the abrasive effects of grit on plant equipment and to prevent high grit loads on digesters. In the grit basin, a centrally located eductor tube induces a rolling action that maintains organics in suspension while causing settled grit to be carried to a center hopper where an airlift pump transfers the grit to an inclined screw GritWasher external of the basin. Important features of the Rolling Grit design are that preaeration is provided and the absence of moving parts in the grit basin reduces costly maintenance associated with screws or chain and flight mechanisms.

Rolling GritApplication

Grit removal and dewatering and preaeration

Sizes and Capacities

Single units to 21 MGD Peak Flows.

Tank Sizes

8' x 8' x 10' AWD to 30' x 30' x 14' AWD.


  • Provides a total grit removal and handling system.
  • Includes grit collection (RollAer Unit), removal (GritLift), cleansing and dewatering (GritWasher or HydroSeparator).
  • Low energy requirements.
  • Plant air supply or separate low horsepower blower can be used.
  • Multiple units in long rectangular basins do not require partition walls.
  • Requires only minimum operator attention. Simple air monitoring maintains the unit's efficiency.

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