Grease & Skimmings Removal

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Scum SeparatorScum Separator

The Walker Process Scum Separator provides and economical means to dewater clarifier skimmings to the maximum practical degree with the flexibility to collect the solids in standard portable bins, flexible bulk bags or other types of containers. The separation tank is designed to provide optimal residence time for separation of the floatable material from the carrying water but not allow sufficient time for settleable solids to accumulate.

Download Scum Separator Brochure (PDF)

Scum ConcentratorScum and Grease Concentration System

The Walker Process Scum and Grease Concentration System combines dewatering by gravity separation with a heated day tank for further processing of concentrated scum and grease. This system provides the means to keep grease laded skimmings pumpable and prepared for transfer to a digester for energy recovery or directly to disposal.

Download Scum and Grease Concentration System Brochure (PDF)

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