Solid Contact Clarifiers: MC ClariFlow

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MC ClariFlow solids contact clarifiers feature internal slurry recirculation and positive slurry removal. In the MC, previously formed floc particles are recycled by an internal pump and mixed with the raw water in a central ClariFlow inlet. The ClariFlow is a controlled energy inlet which blends the flow streams and sets up the energy required to produce the gentle turbulence and rotation necessary for flocculation within the floc skirt.

MC ClarifierDue to the conical shape of the floc skirt, this energy decreases with increasing depth permitting floc growth and settling beyond the skirt. Scraper arms provide positive slurry removal and multiple, radial effluent troughs (with overflow weirs or submerged orifices) provide the required weir rates. ClariFlow units are available in either pier or bridge-supported designs.

MC ClariFlow solids contact clarifiers are applied to softening and turbidity removal applications. MC units do not require external slurry recirculation.

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